ALOD Alumni Promoting the Idea of Liberty

Jennifer Umeh (Nigeria) Hope for African Girls Initiative – HAGi
Jennifer is an enthusiastic advocate of Girl Child Freedom and Education. She have been organizing campaigns across Nigeria to draw attention to the deplorable state of girl child rights in the country.

She periodically mobilize support in terms of gift items such as reading materials, cloths and foods to donate to public schools and orphanage homes in rural Nigeria. She has a growing community on Facebook Gilbert Nyandeje, (Kenya) Gilbert is the Executive Director and Founder of Espoir Centre, a Kenyan Think Tank, he has been selected to join the 2016 prestigious Mandela-Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders in the United States of America. Gilbert is a gifted orator and an inspiring African Young African leader who has been championing for liberty, economic freedom, wealth creation, good governance and peace across Africa. In partnership with ALOD, he has given public lectures on economic liberalization and entrepreneurship across the Kenyan universities and entrepreneurship boot camps across East Africa.
Gilbert believes that the future of Africa can only be shaped by what Dr. George Ayittey called the “Cheetah generation” and not the “Hippo generation”. He believes that Africa doesn’t need aid but trade and there can be no political independence without economic independence. He champions for free borders and economic integration across the African states to help unleash the potential of the youth and help alleviate poverty across Africa through entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Gilbert plans to continue his work in public youth policy formulation, advocacy and entrepreneurship trainings with a major focus on creating opportunities for the youth
across Africa. Salome Nthenya (Kenya) Salome recently conducted a seminar in her country celebrating the International Women’s Day with boys and girls of Benedictine School, in Nairobi. It was centred in highlighting the importance of girls voices to be heard, and for boys to protect young girls’ rights. It is only when we have a society free from discrimination that we will fully realize economic growth, through a favourable environment for men and women to conduct business. We wish them all the best in their voyage and hope Africa would become freer.

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