Who we are:

African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD) is a not-for-profit organization established to serve as a foremost think-tank organization to enlighten Africans on the vast benefits of integrated sound policy, and encourage ideas towards the conformity to the principles of development as pivot for peace and prosperity and influence a positive future for the state. ALOD was founded in July 2013, and registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) with Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria with registration number CAC/IT/No 62678.

ALOD international partners includes but not limited to Acton University-USA, Institute for Economic Affairs-UK, Network For a Free Society-UK, Language of Liberty Institute, Foundation for Economic Initiative and Development, Centre for Policy Education-Ghana and a host of others ALOD is an acronym of African Liberty Organization for Development with International partners spread across USA, EUROPE, UK and others. The student arm of the organization – African Liberty Students Organization (ALSO), is active across several higher institutions in Africa. ALSO is committed to the understanding of the entrepreneurship as the foundation for the socio-economic and political development and stability of the African continent. ALSO promotes entrepreneurship, capacity development and other principles of good governance amongst students in their various campuses.

The organization, with affiliations and partnerships across the globe, has in its membership an array of socio-economic and political analysts, authors, academics, professionals, opinion leaders and other intellectuals cutting across various disciplines.

Our strategic set of members carry out research and in-depth analyses of the level of acceptance and conformity to sound policies and implementation across the globe. ALOD also engages in books and articles publication, both sourced from research and opinions across board, and distributes these and more educational and informative resources during advocacies and outreaches.

Our Mission:

To be Africa’s foremost rallying point for policy direction that will set the continent on the path of the adoption of principles of LIBERTY for total development and advancement of peace and prosperity.

Our Vision:

To effectively engage and drive African countries and leaders in the next decade to embrace libertarian policies so as to set the continent on the path of liberty, peace and prosperity

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  • Stimulate appreciation and adoption of Libertarian principles across African nations;
  • Promote the ideas of free markets economy;
  • Create awareness and provide policy direction and reviews for African nations, leaders and professionals through research, debates, public advocacies, events, seminars/conferences, theatre, film show;
  • Encourage the spread of libertarian principles across educational institutions through outreaches, free distribution of resource materials, essay competitions, debates, and formation of student clubs under the auspice of African Liberty Students Organization (ALSO);
  • Publish and distribute policy books and CDs.
  • Economic Freedom
  • Social Freedom
  • Political Freedom
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Capitalism
  • Deregulation
  • FreeMarket
  • Globalization
  • PropertyRights
  • SmallGovernment
  • LimitedGovernment