The African Director of Language of Liberty Institute and ALOD-Nigeria Founder (Adedayo Thomas) led other directors of the Institute- Andy and Marina to Uganda in a collaborative camp between LLI-USA and ALED-Uganda for 60 participants held at the University of Kisubi, Nkumba, Uganda from Feb 8-11,2018.

“A fantastic camp that opened our minds to the need for economic freedom in Africa” a participant admitted. The successful hosting of this event was made possible by: Glenn Cripe ( LLI President), Thomas Petterson, Michael Malgeri, David Hutzelman, Mariana Brierley, Linda Whetstone, Liberty International and of course ALOD-Nigeria who shipped-in NFS CDs, IEA Foundation of a Free Society Books, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible by Ken Schoolland and Jonny Profit by Michael Malgeri.